Unified Patient Communication

Centralized Inbox for all Interactions

Centralized Inbox

Manage all patient communications, from texts and emails to calls and video consults, in one unified inbox.

HIPAA Compliant Texting

Our software ensures the highest level of security when sending texts, adhering strictly to HIPAA guidelines, so patient information remains confidential and protected at all times.


Seamlessly connect with patients for virtual consultations, providing the convenience of healthcare at their fingertips without compromising on quality or security.

VOIP Phone Calls

Initiate, receive, and manage direct phone calls through our platform, offering clear voice quality and the option to transcribe calls for easy documentation.

Capture Visitors from Website

With our integrated tools, convert your website visitors into potential patients by providing them a user-friendly interface to inquire, book, or learn more about your services.


Send and receive encrypted emails that prioritize patient confidentiality, complete with automated reminders, newsletters, and health updates tailored to each patient’s needs.

Send Automated Messages

Automate essential communications, such as recalls, due forms, and appointment reminders.